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profile-photoHello, I am Mary Roz and I live in Queens, New York. Let me tell you the story of how I came to create this website. It started from a simple enough requirement – finding a steam iron that gave me the least grief. Back when I started, I just wanted something that would work better than the useless steam iron I had. Little did I know that the world of steam irons was so complicated that it would end up with me having to keep notes for every decent model I came across.

You must think that this is a lot of work for buying one steam iron. “Why not just buy the best steam iron?” This is what most people said to me. My response to them was, “Which one is the best steam iron?” And this question was a genuine one. I had researched so much and had such extensive material that I was nothing short of a steam iron expert, honestly! One thing that I had realized during my search was that there was no single steam iron that worked for everyone.

It is not just about ironing clothes. Some people want the absolute perfect results that they get when they give their clothes to the drycleaners. There are people who spend a lot of money on clothes and, as such, want the best professional results from their steam iron. Others just want something cheap and workable that would last them a couple of years. This latter category forgets that even they need something quite specific to their requirements. For instance, some people can’t use steam irons that are too heavy. In that case, they need lightweight steam irons that are also affordable.

This website is the gist of questions that most flummoxed me when I started researching for the “best steam iron” and I hope that my answers and reviews would be helpful to all of you. You can also check out my Facebook page here and say hello!

Have a great day!