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Best Ironing Accessories and Supplies

If you want to look your best in front of colleagues, superiors, romantic interests or other important people, your clothes should be crisp and neatly prepared, but ironing is often seen as a difficult and time-consuming chore. You usually need multiple materials, lots of space and willingness to spend minutes or hours devoted to precise smoothing.

Luckily, there are tools available to help get you through this task much more efficiently, and you may be able to shave significant time off of your ironing sessions and keep your home more organized. With the right ironing supplies, the chore can be much less of a hassle.

If you find an item that transforms the way you tend to your clothes, you may even find yourself enjoying the task. To make your chores more convenient, consider some of the following ironing accessories.

Whitmor Ironing Mat with Iron Rest

Whitmor Ironing Mat with Iron RestThe ironing mat is one of the most common and useful ironing board accessories. It’s made to allow your garments to be straightened efficiently while leaving the materials or surfaces beneath them safe from the heat of the iron. The Whitmor ironing mat is a great choice when you are low on space.

The mat is resistant to heat and scorching, and it has a silicone grip iron rest so you can use it even on your bed. The silicone grip is also resistant to heat, and it makes ironing safer as you’ll always know where it is and won’t worry about knocking into it on the floor or other surface.

The mat’s raised profile creates a non-slip surface that allows it to be used even on flat and slippery tables, and it can be folded for easy storage.

Household Essentials Protective Ironing Press Pad

Household Essentials Protective Ironing Pressing Pad (Pack of 2)One of the biggest concerns when ironing is burning your clothes. Most people place the iron directly on the garment. This works well for some, but accidents are also common. Having an ironing press pad can protect the actual material of your clothing while still allowing it to get hot enough to be smoothed by the iron.

The Household Essentials protective ironing pressing pad is placed over your item when ironing to prevent heat damage. It also protects the plate of the iron from damage when coming in contact with metal components of clothing such as buttons or zippers.

The item is transparent to allow you to see your clothes as you iron, and it can be washed alongside your clothes in the laundry. The Household Essentials accessory comes with two or four pieces per pack.

Brabantia Ironing Felt Pad

Brabantia Ironing Felt PadIf you’ve used the same ironing board for a long time, it may have become worn or damaged over time. Even if your ironing board is new or not yet worn down, you may find that it’s just too thin for you to use with a heavier iron. To help glide the iron across your clothing and prevent burning, you need a soft and pliable surface underneath.

Consider purchasing a pad to place under your ironing board cover to increase the thickness. The Brabantia ironing felt pad is used for this purpose, and it’s already shaped to fit standard ironing boards and those from their company.

The pad provides an additional 4 millimeters of material to improve comfort and efficiency, and it’s also permeable to allow steam to pass through.

Astar Magnetic Ironing Mat

Astar Magnetic Ironing MatIf you’re ironing on the go or simply don’t have an ironing board, an ironing mat makes a great alternative. Ironing mats are also used for those who don’t want the hassle of pulling the ironing board out even for simple or small tasks.

If you only need to iron a few things, an ironing mat can turn virtually any surface into an ironing board. The metallic ironing mat from Astar allows you to even use metal surfaces such as the top of your washing machine or dryer. The quilted pad presents much more width than an ironing board.

The large and heat-resistant mat makes it more convenient for those in small spaces to iron quickly, and it can be folded or rolled up to take as a portable ironing surface.

Organize It All Ironing Board Holder

Organize It All Ironing Board HolderKeeping your materials organized is one of the more irritating aspects of ironing. In addition to keeping track of where each item is located, you must also keep them neat and in place. Materials you may need when ironing include a spray bottle, towels, covers and spray starch.

In addition to storing the iron and board, an ironing board bracket can help you keep all of the materials in one place for convenience. The ironing board holder from Organize It All keeps you from having to move back and forth while ironing, as this can present a potential hazard.

It features bottle holders on the sides and areas to store the iron and board in the middle and bottom of the unit. By itself, the holder weighs around 2 pounds.

Spectrum Wall Mounted Ironing Board Holder

Spectrum Wall Mounted Ironing Board HolderEven better than a standard ironing board holder to store your ironing equipment is one that can be stored easily in itself. An iron holder wall mount unit can store your board and/or iron while also saving space. Hanging the unit on the wall keeps it out of the way from taking up space in your room, on the floor, in the closet or under the bed.

The ironing board holder from Spectrum is made to take advantage of the vertical surface space of your wall if you have nowhere else to keep your board. It’s made of steel to be durable enough to hold your board, but it’s also light enough to hang securely on your wall. The Spectrum holder is made to hold T and Y board leg styles of any size.

Spectrum Over-The-Door Ironing Board Holder

Spectrum Over-The-Door Ironing Board HolderLike a wall-mounted unit, an ironing board holder that hangs over the door helps keep you neat and organized by taking advantage of the vertical space of your door. It also keeps the unit elevated so you don’t have to bend over or reach far to remove it when you need it.

Like the wall-mounted holder, the over-the-door ironing board holder from Spectrum is made of tough steel. The durable unit can be mounted over any door up to 1.62 inches in thickness, and it can hold both T and Y leg ironing board styles.

You should have no problems installing the lightweight tool because it weighs less than a pound, but it can hold the weight of a standard ironing board with ease.

Brabantia Wall-Mounted Iron and Ironing Board Holder

Brabantia Wall Mounted Iron & Ironing Board HolderEven better than an ironing board hanger that helps clear up the space used by an ironing board is one that does that and stores your iron. An ironing board holder uses the vertical space of a wall or door to remove the ironing board from the horizontal space of your floor.

The ironing board holder from Brabantia works as a steam iron holder and board holder in one unit. This helps you keep track of both items and have them within quick reach as necessary, so you don’t have to store them away and dig them out later.

The Brabantia unit features a heat-resistant section to hold the iron, and the unit easily mounts to your wall. In addition to its steel hooks, the unit also has a holder for the iron’s cord.

Spectrum Hanger Holder

Spectrum Hanger HolderThe burden that comes with ironing doesn’t stop once the iron is cool. You still have to place and organize your clothes to keep them within reach and prevent them from getting wrinkled again.

Having a rack to store your clothes is a perfect solution to maintain the results for which you’ve worked so hard. If you keep your clothes on hangers after ironing, a hanger holder helps you keep them in one place where they won’t have to be folded or thrown into a drawer.

The durable wall-mounted hanger holder from Spectrum works well for this purpose, and it features six spaces meant to hold clothes when wet or dry. It can also fold away to save space when in use or when empty, and the unit can be purchased in single or double packs.

Rowenta Sole-Plate Cleaner

Rowenta Sole-Plate CleanerYou may not realize just how important it is to keep the plate of your iron clean, or you may overlook it when it actually needs cleaning. It can accumulate grime from certain materials or products frequently used when ironing, and a dirty sole-plate can cause scorching of your fabrics in addition to presenting a safety hazard.

You may notice a change in the way your iron slides over clothes due to build-up, but keeping your plate clean allows for efficient and safe ironing. The sole-plate cleaning kit from Rowenta comes with a tube of non-toxic sole-plate cleaner, a cloth to apply it and a polishing cloth.

Even if you have no problems with the movement of your iron, regular maintenance cleaning will keep the plate in its best condition to protect your iron and garments.