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Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews

The way you present yourself determines how people view you, and maintaining neat clothing is a large part of that. It’s important to purchase the best steam generator iron so that you can achieve superb results every time you need to press your clothes.

Without doing research, you may end up with a sub-par machine, and this will only lead to frustration in the long run.

Luckily, we’ve already done much of that for you, as you can find a number of steam generator iron reviews right here. We’ve conducted and compiled research on the top models in order to help consumers like you make a better decision when settling down on a steam generator.

Our Current Top 5 Recommended Steam Generator Iron Reviews

Steam Generator IronPowerReview
Rowenta DG5030 Pro Steam Generator Iron
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1750 wattsOur Review
Rowenta DG84 Steam Generator IronPro
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1800 wattsOur Review
DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro Steam Generator Iron
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1500 wattsOur Review
Reliable IronMaven J490A
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1450 wattsOur Review
Reliable 3000IS 3/8-Gallon Professional Ironing System
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1500 wattsOur Review

Best Professional Steam Generator Iron Reviews

1. Rowenta DG5030 Pro Steam Generator Iron

Rowenta DG5030

This model is one of the favorites among steam generator irons. It has a number of features that allow you to cut your ironing time in half including adjustable steam output, vertical steam ability and 1.5 hours worth of steam per session.

  • On-Demand Steam: The handle features a trigger used to generate steam on demand. With its 1750-watt power, this model can produce up to three times more steam.
  • Large Water Reservoir The DG5030 features a large-capacity professional water tank that can hold 33 ounces of water. This allows for constant steam production for as long as 90 minutes.
  • Power Cord The power cord on this model is an impressive 12 feet to allow more freedom to move about. The compact base also features a power cord that is 6 feet in length.

2. Rowenta DG84 Steam Generator IronPro

Rowenta DG84 Pro

The Rowenta DG84 steam generator is a powerful 1800-watt device that provides up to three times more steam than a standard iron to help you remove wrinkles from even the thickest fabrics. It offers constant high-pressure steam at 90g/min to help you reduce your ironing time significantly. Adjustable steam levels, steam on demand and vertical steaming for drapes and hanging fabrics are some of the best features of this Rowenta steam generator iron. The unit features a large water tank capable of holding 33 ounces of water that can produce up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted steam. The stainless steel sole-plate features 400 holes that distribute steam evenly as well as a precision tip to glide smoothly over tough spots.

  • Fast & Strong The DG84 heats to the desired temperature in only 3 minutes, and provides constant 4-bar steam.
  • Complete Control The unit allows for adjusting steam levels and using the device as a vertical steamer.

3. DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro Steam Generator Iron

DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact

The DeLonghi Stiromeglio iron steam generator has a unique double boiler feature utilizing a super alloy at its base and stainless steel at its top. Its boiler can hold 33 ounces of water to provide 1.5 hours of constant ironing. You can control the steam via switches on top of the machine that determine how much steam is released, and there is an indicator light to show when steam is ready to be released.

  • Double Boiler This patented feature uses a stainless steel upper cup with super alloy at the bottom. Using this method facilitates effortless ironing
  • Sole-Plate Some steam generators use stainless steel or ceramic plates, but this model uses an aluminum sole-plate with a satin finish. This allows the iron to glide over your fabrics with no resistance.
  • Comfortable and Easy The adjustable steam cord is made to accommodate both the left and right hands. The unit has a steam indicator light and a regulator to adjust steam levels.

4. Reliable IronMaven J490A

Reliable IronMaven J490A

The Reliable IronMaven J490A keeps you secure with a constant supply of steam for the duration of your ironing session. Dry cleaners and tailors use steam generators to make the normally exhausting task of ironing an easy and effortless process. The J490A uses pressure to penetrate fabric with steam more efficiently along with the weight of an iron that helps flatten your fabric.

This model indicates when water levels get too low so you never have to worry about accidentally operating without it. You can even program the boiler according to the hardness of your water, and litmus paper is included along with descaling powder to help the machine operate at its best.

  • Helps You Avoid Build-Up The Reliable IronMaven J490A comes with an anti-calc warning system.
  • Made for Comfort and Safety The iron features a heat-resistant cork handle along with automatic shut-off features.
  • Constant Supply of Steam The removable 2¾ water tank offers the capacity for continuous steam during your session.

5. Reliable 3000IS 3/8-Gallon Professional Ironing System

 Reliable 3000IS 3/8-Gallon Professional Ironing System

The Reliable 3000IS is a professional steam iron with a water capacity of 3/8 of a gallon. The unit reaches the ideal heat in 10 to 15 minutes, and it offers up to 2 hours of steady steam. The unit is built durably with solid construction, yet it is still comfortable and lightweight at 3.9 pounds. The Reliable steam generator iron utilizes 4 safety systems including a probe thermostat, pressure switch, safety cap and low water indicator.

  • Construction The 3000IS features heavy-duty 12-gauge wiring along with a stainless steel tank.
  • Thermostat Reset Button This system provides protection for the machine by automatically shutting off the heating element when the water level gets too low.
  • Sole-Plate This model features an aluminum sole-plate that is easy to clean and features enough ports for maximum steam penetration.

Best Steam Generator Iron Brands

What is the best steam generator iron? That answer will vary depending on the user, but there is no question that certain brands stand out from the rest. There is no single best generator brand, but reviews on steam generator irons will show you that the following manufacturers make devices of the best quality.


Rowenta professional steam ironRowenta was one of the first brands to incorporate temperature control in its products, and this help set the tone for the brand being known as a leader in steam iron technology.

The company has created a product line that tailors to those who create their own garments and drapery, so each Rowenta steam generator iron is made with the designer in mind.

Their impressive steam generator irons utilize continuous fill technology to allow for uninterrupted ironing, and they also create clothing fabric steamers. Some of the best models from this brand include the DW5080 Focus Steam, DG5030 Pro Steam and the DW2070.


Delonghi professional steam ironDeLonghi is a brand you’ll find mentioned in many steam generator iron reviews. The benefit of purchasing a DeLonghi steam generator iron is that you will find a nice balance of features and price. There are numerous models for home, commercial and professional use.

The high-end models are known for efficient and advanced features that set them apart from many others. Most of their irons are loaded with power while maintaining a compact frame. This allows for fast heating along with safety shut-off.

The best models from this brand include the Stiromeglio Compact Pro Steam iron, FXN 25AG and the 1750W Ceramic and Stainless Steel-plated iron.


reliable-professional-steam-ironThough this brand is not mentioned as often as the former two, Reliable creates some of the best steam generator irons on the market. Their brand mostly creates irons for home use, so many of them are simple without the more advanced features.

They still create commercial-level irons, and these Reliable products perform well for prolonged use in addition to coming with features such as temperature control, non-drip and non-calc capability. The I400 Professional Ironing Station, Maven 100IS and Sensa 200DS are some of the most impressive Reliable steam generator irons.

What is a Steam Generator Iron?

A steam generator iron is similar to a traditional iron, but the difference is the iron component and water tank are separate parts of the machine. The iron is connected to the water tank via a tube, and this allows the machine to produce much more steam compared to a traditional iron. This alone may help you cut your overall ironing time in half.

The Iron

What is a Steam Generator Iron?

This component on steam generator irons is quite similar in appearance to a standard iron, but it is much lighter by comparison and more enjoyable to use for this reason. The tank creates enough steam that you can iron an entire garment without having to exert much effort aside from moving the iron across the garment. These irons work well for steaming draperies, slipcovers and hanging attire such as gowns.

A quality steam generator iron should have a thermostat to maintain temperature as well as the ability to turn off steam and use it as a dry iron. Also look for a model that allows for continuous steam. Without this feature, you’ll be hampered by the need to hold down the steam switch while also operating the device.

The Tank

iron water tankFor most steam irons with water tanks, the water reservoir can hold up to 32 ounces of water. This should allow for 1.5 to 2 full hours of steaming, but the actual time will depend upon the flow of steam you use. Many steam generators are made to be used with tap water for enhanced convenience, but you may still see better results by using distilled water or a mix of both.

Other models are not made to be used with distilled water, so bottled spring water is still a better alternative. One feature to aim for when shopping is a tank that can be refilled while in use. The more advanced models also feature an indicator to inform you when the water level gets low.

Maintaining a Steam Station Iron

Fortunately, it’s very easy to keep a steam generator iron in good condition. After every 10 sessions, rinse out the water tank, and allow it to dry. The plate of the iron should also be cleaned to remove product residue or leftover clothing fibers.

Make sure to place a heat-resistant material under the machine to prevent it from overheating and prevent the surface underneath from burning. Avoid plugging the machine into the same circuit as another with high wattage.

Why Choose A Steam Generator Iron?

A steam generator iron is likely different from any tool you’ve ever used before. It has the properties of a standard iron as well as those of a steamer. There are many differences between those devices and a steam generator, and below you can find some of its greatest benefits.

Greater Demand

Using an iron with water tank function allows you to complete tasks that involve much greater demands than those with a standard iron. Steam generator irons produce a more powerful output of steam, so they can be used in much more heavy-duty applications.

These irons have a separate boiler component that allows the greater steam production, so you never have to worry about placing too much demand on the appliance like you would with a typical iron. Anyone with professional pressing needs has the potential to gain from using a steam generator.

Longer Operation

Greater DemandA steam iron with tank components can hold much more water than other pressing appliances. This is due to the fact that they have a separate and larger water tank. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about constantly refilling the unit after only pressing a few garments.

Due to its separate water reservoir, the tank that would typically be featured on a standard iron is not present. This means the iron by itself is smaller and lighter by comparison because it doesn’t carry the weight of the included water tank. This is a great benefit for those who commonly suffer from muscle or bone aches or cramps in the hand when ironing.

Better Quality

You can rest assured that a steam generator iron will be of superb quality compared to a standard device. These machines are made specifically for those who have to participate in long pressing or steaming sessions for professional applications.

They are made of denser, heavier, larger and more durable components in the iron and the separated water tank. Make sure you have the space to store this powerful appliance, and become familiar with its operation. Because of their superb build quality and professional capabilities, these irons will be more expensive than the normal variety.

If you feel like your normal iron or steamer doesn’t have the power to meet your needs, a steam generator may be a better choice. If you need to iron for long periods, it has the ability to produce enough steam to last you your entire session.

Making The Decision

making-the-right-decisionYou should now have a collection of ideas in mind when going to shop for your new steam generator. Trying to purchase the best professional steam iron isn’t an easy process for most buyers. Your shopping should be much easier now that you’ve become informed about the top steam generator irons available to you.

Our steam generator irons reviews are meant to help guide you in your search of the best model for your needs. Hopefully you will be able to use this extra information to your advantage so you can avoid the mistakes other shoppers make. A new steam iron will improve your laundry chores like never before, so get out there and bring yours home today.