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Black & Decker D2630 Steam Iron Review

The Black & Decker D2630 is a simple iron with a few features usually found on more advanced models. It has bright digital controls with a back-lit LCD display to make adjustments and monitoring quick and easy.

This Black and Decker iron will leave your clothes as crisp as they were when they were new. This is the model for you if you need something to take some of the burden out of ironing.

Black & Decker D2630


  • Power: 1,500 watts
  • Size: 5 by 6 by 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Steam Ports: 29

Product FeaturesProduct Features

  • Digital Controls for Easy Operation
  • Variable Steam Dial That Adjusts Steam for Better Results
  • Non-Stick Stainless Steel Sole Plate to Ensure Smooth Gliding and Prevent Burning
  • Comfortable to Grip and Easy to Maneuver
  • Advanced Cleaning System to Improve Ironing and Increase Lifespan
  • Anti-Drip Feature Heats Water Only to the Necessary Temperature to Create Steam While Preventing Dripping

Pros & Cons


  • The stainless steel non-stick sole-plate ensures the irons glides smoothly across your fabric. This prevents the iron from sticking or burning due to product residue or higher heat settings.


  • Some users complain that the control dial is too loose when turning it. It would be easier to adjust the iron’s settings if the dial was tighter or more firm.
  • Consumers in Black and Decker iron reviews feel this iron is on the heavier side. It would be more enjoyable to use if it was a little lighter.

Black & Decker D2630 Review

The Black and Decker D2630 is a simple iron that can be used for nearly all types of fabrics. It can be set to use as a dry iron to take care of more delicate fabrics. Due to its efficient use of steam, the iron helps eliminate wrinkles much faster, and this makes your ironing sessions much easier.

Black & Decker D2630 ReviewThe Black & Decker D2630 is a modern device that features digital controls that make operating easier. It features variable steam settings that allow for better customization and safer handling of your clothes. This unit features a high-quality non-stick stainless steel sole-plate to allow the iron to glide fluidly across your clothes without scorching or sticking.

The iron fits comfortably in the hand, and it can be easily maneuvered without much effort. The Black and Decker steam iron features an advanced cleaning system to take some of the hassle out of maintaining the unit. This also allows it to work more efficiently and to last longer down the line. The vertical steaming feature lets you straighten hanging fabrics, drapery and other materials that may need grooming in a vertical position.

This unit may not be the most advanced iron on the market, but it does allow you to remove unsightly wrinkles from your most important fabrics to restore their appeal. This Black and Decker classic iron is a high-quality unit that is reliable enough to make ironing easy whenever you need it. If you simply need a unit that consistently gets the job done, this model may be the one for you.


The D2630 is a Black & Decker iron that can serve as a significant upgrade from any poorer dry irons you may have had previously. It distributes heat evenly to provide remarkable results with each pressing session. Its digital controls and affordable price certainly make it worth a look.