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Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 Iron Review

The Reliable V200 is one of those irons that can boast unique features that actually prove to be helpful in making ironing easier. It uses a dual heating technology that creates steam even before the moisture leaves the iron. It has a multi-layer anodized sole-plate for durability and easy gliding. This powerful unit is capable of producing more than enough steam for your typical ironing sessions.

Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 Iron


  • Power: 1,800 watts
  • Size: 13 by 5 by 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs
  • Steam Ports: 7
  • Cord Length: 8+ feet

Product FeaturesReliable Sensor Velocity V200 Iron product features

  • Sensor Touch Technology
  • Eco-Intelligent
  • Anodized Aluminum Sole-Plate
  • Anti-Drip
  • Anti-Scale
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Variable Steam
  • Vertical Steam

Pros & Cons


  • Unlike many irons with safety features, this Reliable iron actually allows you to bypass the automatic shut-off feature. This is a helpful component for those who use their irons on and off while making clothes.
  • The Reliable V200 utilizes a dual heating method along with 1,800 watts of power to provide ample steam immediately and consistently. You can also create adequate steam on lower heat levels.


  • The Reliable Velocity iron lacks the steam burst feature found on so many other irons. It provides continuous steam, but there is no option for an immediate expulsion to tackle wrinkles quickly.
  • Though there are not as many steam options, the steam buttons on this device are easy to engage due their inconvenient location. You may accidentally change the settings while handling the unit.

Reliable V200 Iron Review

Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 Iron ReviewThe Reliable V200 features a sole-plate that is rather unique compared to those of most standard irons. The plate on this model is made of smoother and tougher anodized aluminum that is better at resisting scruffs and scrapes. It also features an inner plate made of magnesium to make the entire sole-plate thicker and denser. Though there are only a few steam ports, the plate features grooves that allow the steam to travel down the length of the iron.

The aspect of this iron appreciated most in steam iron reviews is the way the steam is created. The V200 uses two systems to create steam from the water by heating the water internally before it is released. This significantly reduces the chances of water leaks and drips on your clothing, and Reliable claims the iron can produce steam without dripping even at low temperatures.

The V200 is also appreciated for being an eco-friendly Reliable steam iron. When the iron is out of use for over 3 seconds, the iron stops the steam creation process in order to save water and reduce your energy usage. When you use the unit again, the steaming process restarts due to an internal sensor that detects touch of the iron’s handle.

This model has an automatic shut-off feature that powers down after 8 minutes of inactivity for safety, and it also provides the ability to bypass automatic shut-off if you need it. The unit holds 10 ounces of water to provide enough for a normal steaming and pressing session, and the cord is 8 feet long to give you plenty of room to move about.


Though you can find some models with similar features for a lower price, the Reliable V200 still appeals to many users. It offers ample steam and provides a great deal of control. If you despise dripping irons or need something that allows you to work for long periods at a time, give this model a look.