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Singer ESP2 Steam Press Review

The Singer ESP2 is a fabric steam press used to instantly remove wrinkles from an entire garment. The manufacturer claims it can reduce the time you spend ironing by 50 percent. This is due to its size and steam output. It can press large segments of a garment, or even a whole piece, at once. It offers ample steam to seal a long-lasting press.

Singer ESP-2 Steam Press


  • Power: 1,540 watts
  • Size: 25.8 by 21.2 by 8.2 inches
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Pressing Area: 24 x 9 inches
  • Temperature Settings: 5

Product FeaturesSinger ESP2 Steam product features

  • Variable Steam
  • Steam Burst
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Body
  • Electronic Fabric Temperature Settings
  • Locking Handle
  • Free Accessories Included

Pros & Cons


  • This unit offers copious amounts of steam to powerfully press even the worst wrinkles. While many irons provide steam, this unit offers enough to straighten clothes instantly without multiple passes or presses.
  • This unit cuts significant time for that you would spend with a traditional iron to press your clothes. The size and power of the unit make the task much more enjoyable.


  • The ESP2 isn’t the best steam press available, nor is it the most affordable. It has similar features and capabilities of other models, but is costs much more by comparison.
  • For various reasons, the Singer iron press is known to make beeping sounds quite often. There are alarms present that are meant to alert you if the device is powered on without use, but some report alarms beyond that.

Singer ESP2 Review

The Singer ESP2 features a pressing size of 24 by 9 inches, and this is around 7 times the size of the sole-plate of a standard iron. With the ability to utilize two plates at once, your ironing becomes much quicker and efficient compared to regular ironing. The steam press iron also applies 100 pounds of pressure to completely remove wrinkles and create sharp creases where you want them.

Factors &Singer ESP2 Steam Press Review Features to Consider Before Buying a Steam PressThis Singer electronic steam press should be used with distilled water to get the best results. You receive a measuring cup with the unit to help you get precise measurements when filling the tank, and the reservoir holds 300 mL of water. The unit provides bursts of steam that help eliminate tough wrinkles instantly, and you can also use it for dry pressing of more delicate fabrics.

The temperature can be adjusted via the electronic panel, and it accommodates 5 types of common fabrics to provide versatility in pressing your clothes. An indicator light lets you know when the unit is powered on, and it goes off when the steam iron press reaches the right temperature. There is also a light to inform you when the steam burst is ready.

An indicator alarm will sound if the pressing plate has been left closed for more than 10 seconds. This helps you avoid burning your clothes or creating fire hazards. If the panels remain closed, the heater will shut down automatically. This shut-down feature also occurs when the panels are left open for more than 15 minutes.

The steam press weighs just over 20 pounds, so you can pack it up and carry it from place to place with no hassles. You simple use the handle to carry the unit after the panels are locked together, and the unit can be placed upright when being stored. The unit features 49 steam ports on the panels.


If you’re not accustomed to using a steam press, it will naturally take time to make the transition. The Singer ESP2 is easy to use, and provides ample steam to press your clothes quickly. If you need something bigger and more powerful than your usual iron, the Singer steam press may be worth a try.