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Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 Travel Iron Review

The most irritating aspect of removing your clothing when traveling is having to deal with the numerous wrinkles that result. Keeping your clothes bundled up or even neatly folded will create line and creases.

The Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 travel iron will help you straighten stubborn garments even when you’re away from home. Though it may not be the absolute best travel iron on the market, it is renowned for its incredibly low purchase price.

Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 Travel Iron


  • Power: 800 watts
  • Size: 6.9 by 3.2 by 3.4 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Steam Ports: 7
  • Cord Length: 8 feet

Product FeaturesSunbeam GCSBTR-100 Travel Iron product features

  • Variable Temperature
  • Dual Voltage
  • Steam Bursts
  • Soft Handle
  • Non-Stick Sole-Plate

Pros & Cons


  • Though this Sunbeam steam iron only utilizes 800 watts of power, the model can reach the preferred heat in as little as 2 minutes. Many users in Sunbeam iron reviews mentioned that it even gets as hot as their standard iron.
  • Despite its small size, the Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 travel iron produces steam bursts to help you remove stubborn wrinkles. Many low-priced travel irons come without a steam feature. Those that do, like the SF-717 SteamFast travel iron, cost much more.
  • This is probably one of the most affordable irons you will find. Even when compared to other extremely affordable models, this one gets better ratings.


  • This Sunbeam travel iron is not designed for convenience. It can’t stand up on its own because of the power cord located on the side of the unit, and the iron is hard to grip. Instead of the handle seen on a traditional iron, you must cover it with the palm of your hand to control the device.
  • Many users complain of the iron being leaky, and water sometimes comes from the ports as well as the refill hole. It may serve better use as a dry iron.

Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 Review

Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 ReviewThe Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 is a travel iron, and it offers dual voltage capability, a non-stick sole-plate and 7 steam ports. You can use steam bursts to tackle tougher wrinkles or use the unit for dry pressing. The unit offers variable temperature via a dial located near the front of the unit, and it is made to adjust to a variety of fabric types.

An indicator light on the iron alerts you when the unit has reached the desired temperature, and this normally takes around 2 minutes. The soft-touch handle fits in the palm of your hand, and you move the iron by gripping your fingers around the handle.

The GCSBTR-100 has a sole-plate almost 3 inches in width and 7 inches in length. The size of this unit is small enough to fit in your travel bags and luggage with ease, and it can even fit inside your carry-on luggage. Its lightweight size makes it easy to store and to carry from place to place.

The Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 is not the iron for large ironing sessions. Due to its small size, it would be cumbersome and inconvenient to try to use this model as your full-time iron. Its compact size is a benefit, but it can also be a hindrance if you attempt to use the iron for long periods due to time and comfort.


The Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 travel iron is not meant to replace your full-time iron, but it works best for touching up small imperfections or to use when on the road. Because of its use as a mini travel iron, the unit is not meant for heavy-duty tasks that require more power. It does make a very affordable option for small tasks, however.